Child Development is what Teachable Kids is all about

Is your child struggling? If so, Robert A. Schaefer at Teachable Kids can help! I will design an individual child development instructional program based on your child's specific areas of need and influenced by your concerns. Teachable Kids strives to serve each child based on their unique abilities, from those who are not meeting academic, social, or emotional expectations to those who just need a one-to-one extra boost of support and the benefits of private instruction.

Using a variety of assessment tools and clinical teaching strategies, I will determine how and prioritize what your child needs to learn. I will then target those skill gaps and create instruction using research-based methods and proven classroom techniques. Teachable Kids, is completely student-focused!

My motto is: All children do well when they are being instructed in a manner consistent with how they learn. All kids are Teachable Kids!

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what I do

Teachable Kids offers student-centered assessment and tutoring services, individualized parental consultation, workshop presentations, and ABA specific tutoring. At Teachable Kids, a highly qualified, licensed teacher will always work one-to-one with your child.

Teachable Kids' tailor-made programs of learning can fit into any budget - including yours!

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My Background

I am a national award winning, highly qualified, special education teacher and the creator of a copyrighted direct instruction and guided reading program. I have taught, lectured and mentored aspiring teachers and parents as well as presented on a variety of topics related to education for Nevada State College, Clark County School District, Azul Blue, and at medical/behavioral conferences.

In 2016, I was very honored to receive both the Council for Learning Disabilities Nevada Teacher of the Year Award, as well as, the Essential Piece Award from Azul Blue, an autism advocacy organization.

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Robert A. Schaefer, M.A.T.


Master's Degree | National Louis University
Bachelor's Degree | Columbia College

Teaching Experience

2009 - Present
Nevada State College - Adjunct Professor

Teaching Licensure

Special Education
General K-12
Nevada Dept. of Education


Autism Specialist - Ages 3-21
Nevada Dept. Of Education


Council for Learning Disabilities - 2016 Outstanding Nevada Teacher of the Year
AzulBlue - 2016 Essential Piece Award

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Teachable Kids gets results.

J. Ron-Monroy

"Thanks to Rob's dedication and persistence my child is reading and comprehending math. If it were not for him, he would've been a forgotten statistic. Do yourself a favor and call Teachable Kids today!"

K. Mayorga

"Mr. Schaefer's professionalism and dedication to his students has given my child the opportunity to reach his maximum potential."

M. Lind

"Rob is a champion of children with special needs."

L. Johnson
Special Education Program Supervisor

"Working with special education parents is extremely important and Rob brings to the table the ability to help foster and strengthen that relationship."

S. Shaffer
M.S., B.C.B.A.

"Rob didn't just teach his kids math and reading, he taught them how to believe in themselves. He is a true advocate."

Harry Reid
Former U.S. Senator, Nevada

"Your [Rob's] leadership in helping students with learning disabilities in our community is admired and appreciated."